Ira Hellman

We are so excited to recognize Ira Hellman with the Q3 Talent of the Quarter Award. Ira works as a digital copywriter and has become a key member of the content team. Ira’s manager says he is the “go-to guy” on the team, and many of his team members look for his guidance on new content.

“He can do so many things well, and he’s a real athlete when it comes to content development. His ability to be awesome has given him an opportunity to be a real support to the team. He’s an A-player, deeply responsive, incredibly fast, and all around all-star,” says his manager.

Ira always looks out for what’s best for the team and exemplifies The BOSS Group’s values of Employee Centricity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passionate Performance and Service Excellence daily.

Ira asks the difficult questions that push his team members to reach their full potential. He encourages everyone to work together as a team to find the answers. His manager says, “I can tell that he puts his heart and soul into every day of work and our team is better for it. He’s a rare one to find, and we’re so glad we have him.”