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Web Insights & Analytics

Toledo, Ohio | Job #316898

 We are looking for a Web Insights & Analytics for a long term, temporary hire opportunity in Toledo, OH. The Web Insights & Analytics is responsible for defining a roadmap for success, aligned with standard industry maturity models, helping to build a team that delivers outstanding web analytics strategies, actionable insights, and evangelizes data-driven approaches to web and software development. This includes web analytics architecture, overseeing implementation, aligning KPIs, creating dashboards and reports, and socializing data across the Digital Team project portfolio. The outcome of this role is to ensure that the right data is made available to the right people at the right time in order to ensure an informed, user-centric methodology for the clients digital development and marketing.

Web Insights & Analytics Responsibilities:
Web Analytics Architecture and Implementation (40%)
  • Collaborates with business partners to identify, propose, and refine web analytics KPIs to enable outcome-oriented delivery
  • Defines web analytics architecture based on business goals 
  • Implements analytics back-end work and/or manages vendors who implement analytics back-end work
  • Manages analytics back-end work and implementation
  • Establishes and ensures QA process; all tags are implemented and working correctly
  • Supports in-house and third-party digital marketing teams to ensure that campaigns are tracked correctly
  • Oversees the ingestion or migration of third-party / acquired sites web analytics data
Data Analysis, Reporting, and Socialization (40%)
  • Champions Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) improvements by monitoring web analytics data in order to proactively identify improvement opportunities and ideate changes
  • Manages AB testing activities and proactively collaborates with UX and stakeholders on AB testing ideas based on observed patterns in web analytics
  • Creates and leads process for reporting dashboards that provide regular updates on site performance to project stakeholders with relevant and actionable data
  • Answers ad-hoc stakeholder questions as required
  • Generates insights from web analytics data that can be used to inform design / development approaches for new projects and/or enable data-driven product roadmaps
  • Provides stakeholder training and access to relevant reports, tools, and educational resources
  • Facilitates regular web analytics data reviews with Product Owners and relevant project stakeholders and encourage use of web analytics data in decision making
  • Provides visibility to marketing teams on the effectiveness of digital marketing / advertising campaigns
  • Shares web analytics learnings with project stakeholder teams in order to drive awareness of what is possible and valuable with web analytics
Analytics Infrastructure (10%)
  • Determines what analytics tools are needed and appropriate given the business needs. Expands toolset as needed to ensure analytics maturity growth, enabling new capabilities
  • Facilitates contracting process for web analytics tools, training, and resources
  • Manages subscriptions and user access to web analytics tools
Capability Building (10%)
  • Mentors, coaches, and trains the Digital Team, and relevant project stakeholders on how to access and perform basic manipulations of web analytics data. Manages web analytics contractors. 
  • Builds collaborative partnerships and connections with other analytics, marketing, and research teams within to facilitate knowledge share and teamwork. 

Web Insights & Analytics Requirements:
  • Demonstrated experience in gathering business requirements for reporting and translating those into measurable web analytic KPIs
  • Previous lead roles in architecting web analytics holistically across an organization.
  • Experience building and maintaining a long-term web analytics infrastructure.
  • Ability to develop sustainable rhythms for and third-party development teams to add and QA analytics tags.
  • Ability to troubleshoot web analytics data issues.
  • Demonstrated experience in producing easy-to-consume web analytics dashboards that answer key stakeholder questions.
  • Specific examples of instances where web analytics data was proactively analyzed and interpreted in order to make a digital decision that later resulted in increased conversions and/or organic growth.
  • Outstanding capabilities with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch / DTM, Adobe Test and Target, and Google Analytics.
  • Experience with Hotjar, Optimizely, and Power BI a bonus. 

Job ID: 314306MB

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