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Market Researcher

Toledo, Ohio | Job #314506

We are looking for a Market Researcher in Toledo, OH who will leverage analytic capability to frame organic growth opportunities that are customer inspired, identify alternative solutions to address these opportunities, and determine criteria necessary for execution as part of an aspiration to build markets and accelerate company success through strategic marketing. To accomplish this, the successful candidate will champion advanced-level primary research value supporting the immediate insights team, which supports the Strategic Marketing NLT and the larger R&A Strategic Marketing team. For this temporary hire opportunity, he or she will work closely with experts representing advanced analytics, customer behavior, and financial modeling to produce comprehensive, synthesized solutions to complex business questions and problems.

Market Researcher Responsibilities: 
  • Identifies and articulates root-cause research questions, develops a consideration set for answering the central research question, and justifies the recommended methodology; reactively supports questions and problems identified by others and proactively seeks questions to answer, problems to solve.
  • Utilizes advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods that require complex design to account for multiple variables and complicated or interrelated factors.
  • Validates and manipulates raw data before analyzing; proactively communicates data idiosyncrasies & biases.
  • Analyzes and synthesizes qualitative and quantitative information, identifying implications and observing patterns, making correct inferences, drawing conclusions, explaining facts, data, or information to evaluate products/services, strategic direction, and core competencies utilizing a wide variety of resources. 
  • Challenges business leaders when limitations would invalidate/jeopardize investigation.
  • Manages all third-party resources related to primary research and is fully accountable for what they produce.
  • Continuously scans the external environment to stay abreast of emerging & established third-party resources.
  • Continuously scans the external environment to stay on the cutting edge of emerging research techniques.
  • Keeps abreast of academic literature and continuously evolving and emerging market research industry standards, software, theories, and other advancements.
  • Team Development: Utilizes, develops, and becomes an ambassador for primary market research methods.
  • Provides market research training to immediate insights team so they can support the primary market research function as needed (e.g., instrument proofing, programmed survey testing, IDIs, etc.).
  • Improves the research proficiency of each roofing marketing team through basic training on the craft.
  • Trains the product management team, user experience researcher, and product ethnographers on basic research methodology to minimize biases and maximize valid and reliable insights.
  • Mentors others in designing provocative research questions, recognizing and overcoming limitations.
  • Strives to demystify analytics and the tools that enable them by dismantling intimidating perceptions.
  • Continuously defines and develops this role as a value-creating contributor to the Marketing organization
Market Researcher Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Market Research, Psychology, Sociology, Ethnography, or related field
  • In academic, government, or for-profit environment, 4+ years’ direct research experience (personally designing instruments, fielding work, analyzing data) plus 2+ years managing third party research agencies. 
  • Demonstrated ability to apply a scientific approach to answering questions and/or solving problems.
  • Advanced ability to broker both quantitative and qualitative primary market research methodologies given the problem, the resources, and the intended outcome – and also given non-primary research resources.
  • Advanced understanding of broad range of research methodologies, when to use one over the other, and how to best combine them to create a multi-modal design given the problem, resources, and intended outcome.
  • Experience with advanced techniques such as imputation methods, conjoint analyses, and factor analyses.
  • Intermediate understanding of ethnographic and user experience principles and methodologies.
  • Capability of integrating and interpreting large datasets, and distinguishing key findings and insights.
  • Experience developing research reports, data visualization, and storytelling techniques that result in solutions delivered in a format that is easily digested and understood.
  • Experience encouraging ideas and possibilities through candor, open discussion, and constructive debate.
  • Advanced user ability in preferred statistical software program.
  • Advanced user ability in qualitative research analysis software.
  • Mastery of scientific method and experimental design.
  • MMR or MBA.
  • Human Centered Design certification.
  • Experience synthesizing market research with sources of non-primary market research data.
  • Experience triangulating market research with non-primary research sources and tribal knowledge.
Job ID: 314506MB

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