Our Mission

We Make It Easier

Finding great talent and meaningful work is hard. We make it easier. 

Our Vivid Vision

We stand alone amongst our peers in providing service excellence.

We will not sacrifice our value and our culture in favor of growth. We are transparent.

Career paths can sometimes look like a jungle gym and not a ladder.

We’ll only go as far as our people will take us.

A clear and shared vision of our organization’s path in the next three years enables each employee to see where to step up and add value to its growth.

Our Values

What makes us so successful? Living our core values. 


We operate with integrity, high ethical standards and an inherent drive for success. 


We work under the belief that what is best for each other is ultimately best for the company. 


We maintain best-in-class services levels and partner with our stakeholders. 


We embrace progress by proactively positioning ourselves to take advantage of evolving market opportunities. 


Let's grow together.

Growth is our passion. Our goal is to work with highly-driven professionals who are commited to our core values and strive for a high standard of excellence in their personal and professional lives. We believe in the "work hard, play hard" philosophy. We live it and we love it! 


Our Portfolio

BLR Holdings, Inc., a forward-thinking organization, seeks out opportunities to make a difference in our industry. Learn about The BOSS Group's sister companies.

Cella optimizes creative operations for large corporations through an end-to-end suite of managed services, consulting and training solutions. Our managed in-house agency teams and experienced management consultants have helped leading corporations across the country to maximize the value of their creative resources. 

Visit www.cellaconsulting.com

Proposal Development Consultants is a proposal staffing firm that provides experienced proposal contractors for federal, state and commercial contracting efforts. We combine a finely tuned recruiting process with quick, responsive service to supply needed resources—from a single contractor to an entire team.

Visit www.proposaldc.com