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Top Jobs to Watch for in 2014


Top jobs to watch for 2014

Now's the time to start looking at which positions will be in-demand this year.

2014 is here and creative professionals have to start looking ahead to ensure that they're ready for the coming year. The next 12 months will bring a great deal of change, and those who are prepared to for the road ahead will be able to thrive.

Whether you're actively looking for a new job or passively searching for opportunities, now's the time to start looking at which positions will be in-demand once 2014 starts. The following is a look at some of the hottest careers so you'll know who employers are looking to hire.

Construction on the information superhighway
Web developers are likely in for another busy year in 2014. According to Forbes, 13,364 positions were created between 2010 and 2013, which means that the field grew 11 percent in that time. The news source expects this trend to continue over the next 12 months.

This is mostly because companies are always looking for ways to optimize their online presence. The only way to achieve this end is by having a strong team of developers and administrators who can build great web pages that consumers love visiting on a regular basis.

Getting graphic
Companies long ago realized that graphic design is an important element for branding and advertising. As a result, professionals who specialize in the visual medium have had a wealth of opportunities over the last few years, and that won't stop in 2014. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job growth rate for graphic designers at 13 percent, only slightly below the rate of all professions (14 percent).

Part of the reason for the steady demand is the continuing proliferation of electronics. From laptops and PCs to smartphones and tablets, companies need to ensure that all of their content is optimized for every gadget. The BLS notes that graphic designers who work in advertising and marketing will likely be tasked with developing imagery for a variety of devices.

Speaking of mobile devices...
Businesses are beginning to realize that they can't risk losing out on the mobile audience. As consumers snap up smartphones and tablets, enterprises are searching for ways to cater to those tastes.

That's why mobile developers and designers will be in high demand in 2014. Whether a business chooses to go with a responsive design for its website or create a mobile version, professionals in the field will likely have little trouble finding work. Furthermore, Gartner points out that apps will grow so developers may be in luck next year.


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