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The death of the resume


Want to be noticed by hiring managers? Instead of focusing on writing and refining a resume, job seekers should focus on optimizing their online personal brand. Companies post job listings and search for the best workers, but that's not an easy task when a recruiter is flooded with dozens or hundreds of documents from applicants. Many businesses are starting to realize that resumes aren't very useful for screening candidates and separating top talent from weaker workers.

What killed the resume?
While there are many factors that contributed to the resume's death, employer filters stand above the rest. Many companies have set up programs that are meant to find the ideal candidates by searching for specific terms. Cella points out that applicants can include numerous keywords in their files to game the system. Ultimately, this strategy led to businesses only seeing resumes that were essentially written for SEO value and weren't necessarily indicative of a candidate's qualifications. As a result, some enterprises struggled to fill marketing jobs because the talent pool seemed limited.

With no clear means for learning which candidates are best, companies have had to develop new recruiting strategies. Ultimately, the resume was abandoned in favor of digital platforms that provide better context for what a worker is capable of.

The replacements
Cella goes on to note that it's better to seek samples of past work than to read a resume. For instance, looking at a mobile developer's app or a copywriter's most recent blog shows what quality of work the candidates can produce on a regular basis. Additionally, this strategy allows you to determine if a worker would be a great fit for your company or would be better suited for another organization. The news source also recommends reviewing social networks to ensure that an applicant is being honest about their experience.

The importance of cover letters
Cover letters have also become standard for most recruitment processes. Where a resume simply lists important facts, the letters allow candidates to explain how their performance makes them perfect for your company. CBS News points out that cover letters help workers show why they are unique amid all of the competition for a job. Resumes are somewhat cookie-cutter and essentially make everyone look the same.

Everyone remembers writing and refining their resume when searching for a job. Now, job seekers should focus on their social media presence and old projects because those are what grab a company's attention.

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