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Talent Assessments Lead to Quality Staffing

The BOSS Group requires all of our candidates to complete our proprietary project based assessments in order to be qualified to become a working talent. Our Net Promoter Score is 6X higher than the staffing industry average largely because of our project based proprietary assessment process.

We assess our candidates in the following categories:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Wireframing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Prototyping

Six Things to Know About The BOSS Group’s Assessments

  1. Proprietary – Assessments are developed by our in-house instructional designer and assessment specialist, with input from our clients and other industry experts.
  2. Project Based – Assessments are designed to simulate actual projects in order to evaluate a candidate’s hands-on ability to perform in a real-world working environment.
  3. Technical Skills – Our assessments measure technical skills across multiple software versions and platforms. We evaluate conceptual design abilities during our interview and portfolio review process.
  4. Administered On-site – Candidates complete our assessments at our offices in a fishbowl environment so we can monitor their overall performance in a deadline-driven setting.
  5. Required – All hands-on talent are required to take our assessments to become qualified as a part of our talent pool.
  6. Timed – Assessments are timed in order to determine proficiency of software usage.

Case Study

Effectiveness of Project Based Skills Assessments Versus Multiple-Choice Assessments

We’ve crafted our assessments based on research and industry standards with the needs and expectations of our clients in mind. Findings indicate that project-based assessments are better for evaluating creative talent’s technical skills compared to multiple-choice assessments.

One of our clients shared a recent experience with another staffing firm that used multiple-choice assessments. The firm sent their assessments to the client who then administered these to their internal team, all of whom failed the test despite proven technical skills. After reviewing our project-based approach, the validity of our assessments was evident. This client now staffs 70% of their team with our talent as a result of our extraordinary vetting process that also includes a thorough phone screen, face-to-face behavioral interview, portfolio review and reference checks. The in-person interview and assessment process alone can take up to four hours in our offices.


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