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Mobile apps should work on multiple platforms


Mobile marketing saw its coming of age in 2011 as businesses across all industries began to leverage the capabilities of smartphones for their advertising and promotional needs. While a few businesses created unique applications for users to download on their personal devices, there is reason to suspect even more organizations will attempt to utilize interactive mobile applications for sales and branding in 2012.

If anything should be taken from the history and development of personal computers, it is that designing software for one operating system and not another creates a consumer divide. It causes people to form allegiances with certain brands, which for a business can isolate an entire consumer population. For example, organizations that designed software compatible only with Windows operating systems neglected users who had Apple computers.

Businesses that want to create mobile applications that assist consumers in a variety of ways should look to make their apps usable on both Apple and Android operation systems. According to a recent comScore report, Google Android ranks as the top smartphone platform with a 47.3 percent market share, while Apple maintains the second spot with 29.6 of the smartphone market. Businesses can design applications that work on both platforms and reach a wider consumer audience in the process.

However, business owners who want to design unique applications, whether to promote sales or build branding, should expect to pay a hefty price. According to Mashable, making a smartphone app will cost, at the very minimum, approximately $10,000. But if the price tag is not a concern for an organization, outsourcing the programming and freelance web design jobs to professionals fluent in CSS and HTML can be a cost-effective way to create an interactive program without bringing on full-time employees.

Freelancers are an invaluable part of doing business today. Companies may want to design mobile applications, but dedicating an entire in-house department may not be a useful way of conducting business. The mobile app industry is a specialized niche art and hiring the most reputable programmers will produce the best results.

While many organizations have people employed in HTML and CSS jobs, tasking those workers with more long-term projects may allow businesses to run smoothly throughout the year. Hiring freelancers for specialized projects may be a profitable method to produce quality work without taking time out of a fiscal year adhere to not yet fully realized mobile marketing standards.


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