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Link building can build businesses


Search engine rankings play a vital role in today's world. Every business, if they could, would want to place their website above the competition on search engines such as Google and Bing. Rest assured, some have already tried to pay for a similar service by employing pay-per-click campaigns into their online presence. But there is much more value to a high organic search ranking. In 2012, businesses will put an emphasis on improving online ranks by link building. Here are how a few jobs will be affected:

Link building jobs
When companies begin to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve their exposure online, they often implement two practices: content writing and link building. While the former includes keywords and quality writing, the later relies more on fostering partnerships with fellow organizations. Links point to a particular website, so when other companies host links to a business' website, it looks much better to those who govern online rankings. In essence, it means that the hosted website is a quality resource for people who want to learn more about an industry or topic. The more people that visit a company website, the higher it will fall in search engine results. However, it can be tough to get links out into the world - that's why specialists are needed.

Social media jobs
That's where social media jobs come into play. There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in how businesses distribute content. Whether using websites like Twitter or Facebook to engage with consumers or as a resource center for quality content, links posted to personal profiles hold some value when determining online ranking. It is no wonder that many businesses choose to publish articles on professional blogs and then circulate the links to followers and friends online. The practice relies on the idea that people enjoy sharing information, and each time a consumer passes on a link to a friend, it impacts the company's ranking online.

Web analytics jobs
Companies have no trouble employing SEO marketing campaigns or using social media to distribute links, but it is much harder for them to track improvements. Professionals in web analytics are responsible for understanding the traceable information that SEO marketing creates. Without web analytics, businesses would not be able to understand how their efforts have paid off, which would make planning future online strategies more difficult. Instead, a series of jumbled numbers would lay face-up on the CEO's desk, as several executives gather around trying to find meaning in codes and numbers. A web analytics professional can clear up confusion and inform future online campaigns.

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