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Career and Hiring Advice

Get easy-to-read tips that will help you prepare to land your dream job or make your next career move successful. 

Professional Development Resources for Creatives

If you have been working for a few years and are fully immersed in your career, you probably ponder when is the right time to... view article

Education or Experience: Which one gets you hired?

Getting noticed and then getting hired can be a challenge when looking for a job. With employment growth for creative positions... view article

Spread the Love, Appreciate Your Coworkers Year Round

Ah, Valentine’s Day…the day we go out of our way to appreciate our loved ones.  Why not share a little of that love with the people you spend most of your day? Appreciative coworkers can create a positive work environment that is contagious and can get the office buzzing with energy. . . . view the article.

Conducting a Job Search

Developing a Realistic Yet Confident Strategy Finding a job is not for the faint of heart. It requires tenacity, persistence, and a great deal of positive energy. Experts will tell you that to get the best results from an employment search, you have to commit to finding a job as if it WERE your job. The more time and concentrated effort, the greater and faster the payoff.. . . . view the article.

Networking, Part 1

Working a Room EVERYONE, whether outgoing or shy, has passed up on an opportunity to network. Most of us don’t welcome the thought of walking into a room of strangers and feeling pressured to make a positive impression. Very few people are born great networkers. It’s a skill to be learned and improved with practice.. . . view the article.

Networking, Part 2

Making the Most of an Event Do you belong to your industry’s membership association? Are you regularly attending their events, even when you’re not seeking employment? Do you support that association by volunteering? If not, you’re missing out on some excellent opportunities to make important business connections . . . and you’re making career growth much more difficult than it has to be. . . view the article.

Creating a Winning Resume

Rising to the Top of the Stack A resume is a summary of your professional accomplishments. It details where you worked, what you did, and what you learned along the way. It should demonstrate through the past what you can do for an employer in the future. The objective of your resume is to generate interest in readers—enough interest to make them want to interview you. . . view the article.

Getting Their Attention

Before, During and After the Interview Strategies Most interviews are performance-based—they focus on your past work experience to gauge how well you might function and excel in the current job opening. An interviewer will look to see how well your skills match the position requirements, as well as if you fit into the corporate culture. Questions will often focus on the actions you took related to a specific challenge or job function, so it is important that your answers be thoughtful and an accurate reflection of your capabilities and talents. . . view the article.

13 Steps to a Successful Interview

Sailing Through Your First Meeting with Confidence As intimidating as a job interview may be, there are ways to alleviate your anxiety and to walk through the door feeling prepared and self-assured. The key is to know what your strengths are, what your professional objectives are, and to answer questions concisely and honestly. No interview strategy is fail-safe, but the following tips (along with a little practice) will improve your employment chances and build your confidence. . . view the article.

Preparing for Your First Interview

Five strategies to help you stay on track at times it may seem as if being hired for a job lies in the fickle hands of fate. The truth is, you have much more control over the outcome than you may think. The first face-to-face meeting with a potential employer is your best shot at proving yourself. Your responses, as well as your behavior, can make or break your chances of being made an offer. Below are five tried-and-true strategies that will help tip the odds in your favor. . . view the artcle.

Preparing a Portfolio

Showcasing Your Strengths A portfolio is your best foot forward—a representative sample of your work that demonstrates through language and image your greatest strengths and accomplishments. Formerly reserved for artists, models and architects, today’s portfolios are used by a variety of job seekers as a way to demonstrate to prospective employers their particular skills, achievements and professional goals. . . view the article.

The Job Offer

The Art of Negotiation So, you’ve made it through all the hoops and came up a winner! You may have been completely certain about the job when you first interviewed with the company, but throughout the interview process, perhaps you learned some things about the position that now give you pause. Is it really the ideal situation for you, or should you keep on looking? view the article.

Your First Week on The Job

Keep Your Head Above Water Congratulations! You got the job! Once you’ve finished celebrating and the dust has settled a bit, you’ll probably begin second-guessing yourself, wondering what on earth you’ve gotten yourself into. You’re leaving behind friends, comfortable routines, predictability . . . and you’re walking into the virtual unknown. . . view the article.


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