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Interest employers with your Pinterest skills


In today's competitive marketing sphere, many job seekers wonder where the next trends in employment and creative skills lie. With mobile technology dictating how people engage with each other and the brands they use, it's safe to assume smartphones and tablet computers will continue to shape consumerism and marketing in the future.

Recently, comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, announced the launch of its U.S. Mobile Metrix 2.0 service. The report was used to track and measure the increasingly complex world of mobile usage and found that 82 percent of time spent with mobile media occurs through applications.

What do people use their smartphones for?
Among smartphone users aged 18 and older, Facebook had an impressive reach of 80.4 percent, garnering the attention of nearly 78 million visitors in March 2012. Social networking proved to be a popular activity for many users, as several of the leading media platforms saw increases in mobile use in March.

Approximately 25.6 million Twitter mobile users spent an average of two hours during the month using the networking system, compared to just 20.4 minutes on, according to the report. Pinterest, a relatively new outlet, reached 7.5 million mobile visitors in March, all of which engaged with the app for about an hour, which is a significant amount of time for a service. The brand-new service has continued to impress marketers moving forward into 2012.

How to interest potential employers
According to Wanted Analytics, over the past 60 days, there have been 339 new job ads placed online looking for professionals with Pinterest skills, a 294 percent increase from the prior 60 day period.

Recruiters in the Greater New York City and Los Angeles areas account for the highest hiring demand for Pinterest skills, as marketing and creative agencies require these skills to appeal to prospective clients. Job seekers may be able to find work in growing sectors of creative fields by leveraging their Pinterest skills, which according Wanted Analytics, includes search engine optimization (SEO). When looking for employment opportunities, it's important to understand how intertwined social media and SEO have become. The web marketing techniques have helped create an entirely new promotional niche field.

Creative staffing agencies may be able to help job seekers find work, especially when competition is fierce. Professionals looking for steady employment that involves their superior Pinterest skills may want to contact recruiters who can connect them with people in the New York City or Los Angeles areas.


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