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In 2012, the digital revolution will affect advertising


It's never too early to begin thinking about 2012. It's just around the corner, and with each new year comes a fresh start. Most companies look at it as an opportunity to right their wrongs, steer the ship back on course or completely change direction. In 2012, innovative advertising techniques are expected to increase as marketing communications jobs and multimedia jobs increase.

We've all heard about how digital advertising has changed the way we reach out to consumers, but few of us realize how in-depth these agencies plan to go in 2012. If the economy stays in the state that it is in now, marketers will have no choice but to cut costs and preserve budgets. Fortunately, online marketing can be much less expensive than print or broadcast promotions. The goal, however, would be to better understand how consumers engage online. While we can assume social media will play a vital role, even more important is how to target individuals with ads that will appeal to their interests.

Interestingly, in 2010, many companies began to use websites such as Groupon and Living Social. While those interactive discount hubs made a large impact on consumer trends, their presence has already taken a hit. In fact, Groupon has seen a 50 percent decline in use since this past summer, according to a study conducted jointly by Experian and Hitwise.

In many ways, agencies are instead crafting ways to target certain consumers based on their online presence. The introduction of emotion recognition software (ERS) has seen light in online communities, like those on Facebook. We've all noticed it, but may have not fully understood what was happening. When users log onto the social media site, the sides of the page are laced with advertisements directed toward users based on information supplied in categories such as Interests, Favorite Movies, Music and Activities.

These engaging advertisements are likely to be used more often. Forrester Research has predicted that, in 2012, spending on online video advertising in the U.S. will reach $71. billion, a bullish estimate that would require the use of nearly every social media platform. However, is it really that far off? As more consumers purchase the latest smartphones and tablets, the interconnected world will experience a digital revolution, the likes of nothing we've ever experienced.

Advertising is about to change, not entirely, but greatly. Becoming involved in creative industries with a focus on online marketing can be a great career choice going forward. For those looking for work, embracing the online market could be the best route to take.


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