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Editors are needed in most industries


A lot of the things we enjoy today will be obsolete down the road. From cellphones to cutting-edge TV shows, we're constantly changing our interests. However, one aspect of life that will never go away is language. We thrive on communication. Even when it seems most of our printed publications are dying, we remain infatuated with the events occurring around us. Writers and editors bring us that joy.

It makes sense that editing jobs are in high demand. In part it's because, across industries, writers play a vital role in businesses. Whether at a biochemical engineering plant or at an advertising agency, writers are necessary. Talented individuals who have the ability to organize information in an easy-to-read yet engaging way can greatly improve client and public relations for an organization. However, even more important are those who edit and suggest changes in order to make an article, memo or document more appealing to the desired target audience

Copy editors ensure that articles are free of errors. More importantly, they help writers draft pieces that conform to the publication's style. A writer may be able to create a creative article, but if the piece is meant to be published in a technical journal, it may not always fit in without the help of an editor.

In 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reported that editor positions were projected to remain steady, with keen competition for open jobs. While the market may not be on the rise, the expectations are high. Depending on the industry, editors can earn anywhere between $59k and $92k, according to BLS.

Most editors begin as writers, coming from an educational background in Publication, English or Journalism. Furthermore, due to the connectivity provided by the internet, many editors are choosing freelance as a viable option for employment. The freedom allows individuals to tackle multiple projects at once, working on their own time, for clients that interest them specifically. In some cases, freelancers can make more money than full-time employees as they control exactly how much work they feel comfortable taking on at one time.

Individuals who are seeking employment as an editor should have experience in print or online writing. Typically, employers prefer someone who is familiar with the field of work over an individual who has just graduated. For that reason, the competition for open editing and proofreading jobs is intense and those interested in the profession should seek ways to improve their resume while looking for work.


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