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Consumers prefer to shop online


The internet is an expansive space of networks that bring consumers and suppliers together. Through this intangible connection, people communicate, interact and make purchases all from the security and comfort of their living rooms. It is easy to use and even simpler to become obsessed with, which is why e-commerce jobs and sales are on the rise.

Landing an e-commerce job can mean many things. There are various tasks that need to be performed in order to create a successful e-commerce website, and each duty requires specific qualities and understandings of certain aspects of business. Throw in the fact that more consumers are turning toward the internet to make purchases, and the aurora surrounding e-commerce becomes a bit more monumental.

In the most recent census conducted by the Census Bureau, consumers spent a total of $145,214,000,000 in online purchases - a number that is expected to rise 21.8 percent annually, and skyrocket to $234 billion by 2012, reports Pricewaterhouse.

One of the main reasons for this leap in spending is from the increase of smartphone usage amongst consumers. People are still entering retail outlets as frequently as they have in the past, however, the difference is that they are physically interacting with the products, but digitally purchasing them from their cellphone.

In a recent study conducted by Retrevo, 58 percent of smartphone owners stated that they regularly check-out electronics in store, but purchase the product elsewhere online. The servery also found that 42 percent of users check prices of items online and compare their findings to what is advertised in-store. No longer are retail outlets the thriving source of consumerism, it seems that e-commerce businesses will soon reign supreme.

The findings should not come as a surprise. In most industries, the internet has effected the way businesses conduct work, completely altering and damaging a few, such as print publications. As e-commerce sales continue to rise, consumers will have to accept the inherent risk of entering private information into a virtual point of sale terminal. Online criminal activity has also risen, which in turn has caused consumers to rethink where they make their purchases. This increased awareness has effected e-commerce businesses as a whole, as they seek employees who can bring something innovative to the table when it comes to transaction security.

E-commerce enterprises operate in a similar fashion to brick-and-mortar stores. The only difference is that the overhead costs to maintain their service are usually much less, which could prove to be a significant advantage for those who operate digitally. Business owners who can save a few extra dollars on operational costs are able to focus funds on other aspects of their business, such as marketing or product development, which will only serve to further their outreach and enhance their profitabiliy.


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