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Consumer privacy poses a threat to online marketing


Brands have many available outlets to promote their products and services to consumers. With the evolution of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, there are increasingly more ways marketers can cater campaigns to the interests of their targeted demographics. This has caused many organizations to develop jobs in social media to create marketing tactics that reach out to buyers seamlessly on their personal profiles.

However, with the emergence and evolution of social media, privacy has become a lost quality online. People publish their interests, activities and love affairs, and anyone who is friends with them can see that information. While for a brief period of time that aspect of social media was enjoyable and it appeared people were content with telling the world about their lives. But with more users turning toward these sites, privacy is once again resuming its proper place online.

Facebook, for example, has millions of users, all of which have various privacy settings. Many consumers include people who they've just met on their friend lists and don't consider how the content they post is distributed to these strangers. According to a new Pew Internet Research survey, 63 percent of Facebook users have deleted people from their friends list - up 56 percent from 2009. Profile management has recently become a practice employed by many users. Brands may want to evolve their online marketing campaigns to target consumers through Facebook in a way that prevents them from being removed by a growing number of consumers.

The survey found that 67 percent of women and 58 percent of men delete people from their Facebook profiles. Furthermore, young adults of both genders are more active about managing their profiles when compared with older users.

In order to develop social media marketing campaigns that keep consumers interested and prevent them from ignoring brands online, companies may want to create marketing communications jobs. People with the necessary skills to fill these roles may be able to assist brands develop marketing efforts that engage with consumers online regularly, helping these consumers realize the importance of remaining in touch with them on social media sites such as Facebook.

The goal of any social media marketing campaign should be to create specific emotions when contacting buyers. Whether publishing content to be shared or commenting on loyal customer's profile pages, a brand needs to make people feel as if they are appreciated and an influential part in the success of the business. If a brand wants to remain tapped into a wide array of consumer profiles, it may want to increase its integrated marketing communications online before it is too late.


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