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Brands may need help boosting their interactive marketing efforts


Unemployment is a real fear for people all over the world, and in the United States, finding gainful career opportunities is a top priority among many. With global markets stabilizing, 2012 may be the year many job seekers find gainful employment in a wide array of creative fields.

"Salaries for direct and interactive marketing professionals will remain consistent compared with last year," said Wendy Weber, president of direct marketing recruitment firm Crandall Associates to Direct Marketing News.

She goes on to suggest the hiring of marketing professionals is at a robust point. Job seekers who want to find their ideal job may want to explore the many niche marketing practices emerging in the world today. Advertising, marketing and other communication careers have all evolved to cater to the growing demand for interactive campaigns and outreach programs. Today, these fields have become entwined, leveraging the best qualities of each to appreciate greater success. This phenomenon is no more apparent than with the integration of social media and search marketing into daily promotional efforts. Whether found in direct mail, broadcast commercials or online banner ads, social and search have impacted sales and business development.

In fact, according to the February 2012 U.S. Search Engine Ranking study by comScore, Google once again increased its reach, gaining 0.2 percent more of the market share in the United States. Business owners who have yet to adhere to the latest marketing trends may want to partner with creative staffing agencies to fill creative direct jobs, social media jobs and copywriting jobs. These professionals could help brands improve their services and tailor efforts to meet new consumer demands.

With search growing in importance and social media already an established necessity across industries, people with the right skills can help brands develop outreach programs and advertisements that encourage buyers to engage with the promotions they see on a daily basis. This two-way communication would help brands further create lucrative relationships with the people they want to convert to loyal customers.

The competitive job market may heat up moving forward into 2012, and with brands vying for the most innovative creative directors and marketers, business owners may want to employ the right people before it is too late. Marketing is a chess game in many ways, and the company that makes the first move and employs the top talent, may just get a better look at the developing field and find greater success.


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